The Milan Furniture Fair

As I mentioned in my latest post, I went to Milan for the annual furniture fair! My trip was sponsored by Taste Living as part of a university prize awarded for the best performance across the four years of my degree. So thank you to Taste Living and the University of New South Wales for the incredible prize.

Before it had a chance to sink in, I was standing in front of the Duomo for three days of design exposure overload. I had been warned to pack comfortable shoes, but I was not prepared for the overwhelming scale of the fair until I stood at the entry and couldn’t see an end to the masses of people. That first day was spent getting thoroughly and wonderfully lost exploring the overwhelming range of design on display. It was also the day I realised I would never physically be able to see the whole fair. With that lesson learnt, the next day started with a game plan. Having always had an interest in lighting, I sought out Euroluce’s biennial International Lighting Exhibition. The variety was incredible, from deceptively simple architectural lighting to extravagant hand blown Murano-glass chandeliers.  Just being exposed to the possibilities was inspiring. On my last day, I made the decision to visit some of the events occurring in the city itself. With over 400 to choose from, I started in Milan’s Tortona district with Moooi. I’ve always idolized their work and getting to see their latest creations in person was easily one of the highlights of my trip. Walking around the city offered up a few other treasures, and seeing the contemporary work in the context of such an old Italian city made it even more exciting.

The whirlwind trip was physically exhausting but absolutely invigorating and inspirational. Although it took me a week to recover from the jet lag, the experience gave me new energy and motivation to get back to my work as a designer. It was an affirmation that this is one of the most exciting and vibrant industries to work in.

MilanFurnitureFair_Page_01 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_02 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_03 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_04 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_14 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_13 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_12 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_08 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_07 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_06 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_05 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_10 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_11 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_09MilanFurnitureFair_Page_15 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_18 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_17 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_16 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_19 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_21 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_22 MilanFurnitureFair_Page_20

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