Etsy Shop – Etalem


One of my favourite internet haunts is Etsy, if you haven’t been yet then you’ve been missing out. Etsy is a fantastic platform for individuals selling and buying vintage and original artefacts. The website celebrates and supports independent designers and craftspeople. I’ve bought items off Etsy in the past and now I figure its time to start selling my own!

Expect quirky designs, bold block colours, architectural inspired geometry and natural textures.  I’ve already started developing a range of original jewellery designs, but might expand into limited edition prints and posters. Watch this space for updates and product images.

Etalem is my middle name, and means ‘daughter of the world’ in amharic.


I recently bought some shrink plastic online and I’ve spent the last day experimenting with some of the possibilities. Its quite an interesting material to work with – when heated it shrinks to less than half its original size. I’ve tried using lead pencil, colour pencil, ink pen, watercolour, acrylic, and copic markers. So far I really like the lead pencil, ink and copic markers, although coloured pencils have a nice look too. The white has a slightly strange texture, and the edges almost look furry. I’ve found that I can sand down the edges to get a nice clean finish. I’m also going to experiment with different varnishes/resins to seal the work. I’ve also got some clear plastic sheet to play with, so thats up next!





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